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Accord Info Matrix is a Chennai based Software Firm. Our main focus areas are Software Training and Software Development. Accord started with the ambitious aim of providing QUALITY training to Students and Corporate. We are integrated as an organization of talented trainers having extensive expertise in all facets of providing quality training.

Data Science Machine Learning Training Syllabus

Introduction to Data Science

Introduction to Data Science – Introduction to Machine Learning – What is Python – Role ofPython in Machine Learning and Python –Installing Python – Python IDE’s – JupyterNotebook Installation and usage.

Python Packages

What is package – Advantage of usingpackages over core Python – Pandas – Numpy– Sci-kit Learn – Mat-plot library.

Manipulating data

Selecting rows / observations – RoundingNumbers – Selecting columns and fields –Merging data – Data aggregation – Datamunging techniques.


Probability Basics – What is meant byprobability, Types, ODDS ratio – StandardDeviation – Data deviation andDistribution , Variance. Bias variantTradeoff – Underfitting, Overfitting.Distance metrics - Euclidean Distance,Manhattan Distance. Outlier analysis -What is an Outlier?, Inter Quartile Range,Box & whisker plot, Upper Whisker, LowerWhisker, Scatter plot, Cook’s Distance, -Missing Value treatment - What is NA?,Central Imputation, KNN imputation,Dummification. Correlation - Pearsoncorrelation, positive & Negativecorrelation.

Machine Learning

Supervised Learning - Linear Regression,Linear Equation, Slope, Intercept, R squarevalue, Logistic regression, ODDS ratio,Probability of success, Probability of failureBias Variance Tradeoff, ROC curve, BiasVariance Tradeoff –

Unsupervised Learning - K-Means, K-Means ++, Hierarchical Clustering - SVM -Support Vectors, Hyperplanes, 2-D Case,Linear Hyperplane - SVM Kernal – Linear,Radial, Polynomial

SQL Introduction

Select query - Sub Query - Regular Expressions Functions andConditions in SQL - Date and Time in SQL - SQL Privileges